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Backpack Systems

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A safer alternative to jerrycans for carrying and storing household water.

The water backpack can be used to stimulate the local economy by providing in-country assembly and job creation through a micro-distribution network of local entrepreneurs.

Investment in the water backpack on a community level has proven to lower the rates of water-borne illness and provide a greater quality of life in water stressed communities.

Now available with our 4X4 ceramic filter kit

Our goal with the Backpack with filter kit is to ease the daily burden of water transport for women and children, enable fast, high-volume emergency relief and provide a safe clean water solution.

It filters water from almost any imaginable source including flood waters, lakes, rainwater, wells, rivers and/or streams to create clean drinking water.

Filter Specifications

The filtration efficiency is 0.2 micron

99.99% Bacteria Removal

Virus Reduction or Removal

Confirmed by Ceutical Labs, an FDA Registered Laboratory

Our Solutions

Clean Water

Water Wishes, Inc. is committed to contributing to the solution of one of the biggest global problems facing our planet today, clean water for water distressed communities! We provide great products and make it easy to for everyone to get involved.