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Village Systems

Partner with Water Wishes, Inc.

Water Wishes, Inc. has the amazing ability to provide clean water to an entire village.  We have several different sizes and capacities available.  They are perfect for disaster relief and networking into existing still water sources.  When you invest in a village system you are investing in affordable clean water for a large number of people in one location. If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring a village system, please email Dustin today to get started!

System Specifications

110V/220V Option 60 Hz or 50Hz

Minimal controls (on/off) designed for emergencies or in-line shore pressure

Produces 600 gallons per hour of Purified Water.

(130 lbs)

Our Solutions

Clean Water

Water Wishes, Inc. is committed to contributing to the solution of one of the biggest global problems facing our planet today, clean water for water distressed communities! We provide great products and make it easy to for everyone to get involved.