Our Story

18Providing Clean Water to the World

Our goal is to provide low cost water filtration systems that can substantially change the quality of life around the world.

Many of the existing water well programs are expensive and still produce unclean water. Using the latest technology, we offer a unique and cost effective way to filter water.

Portable filtration solutions can be valuable for reaching parts of the world that do not have access to existing water programs or wells. The mobility of the systems allow for increased flexibility during disaster relief and aid.




Working Together Through Partnerships

Together, we have established ongoing partnerships with Texas Baptist Men, Remote Island Ministries, Global Water Group, and the list is still growing!




The water filtration system will be distributed to areas of need in the United States and abroad. We will concentrate our efforts on impoverished areas and areas requiring disaster relief aid. Our most recently completed projects have been in Nicaragua, Kenya, Uganda, Congo, and the Philippine Islands, with future projects in development.